jueves, 15 de enero de 2009

It She supports my girl Anita

It She supports my girl Anita:
The persons of good heart, who read this blog I ask all please, that if they could support Anita, with what they could in medicine or in cochesito neurological to be able to move her to and from, she(it) suffers from West's Syndrome (espamos infantile) and it(he,she) has cerebral paralysis, needs lamotrigina of 50mg (lafigin of 50mg), clobazan of 10mg (urbadan of 10mg), keppra in tablets of 1000mg and also I ask them to spreading my blog and wait for his(her,your) commentaries and suggestions.
In Anita's name we will be grateful for them very much.
God blesses them...

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